Surfboard Tricks

Kala Willard

Aloha, my name is Kalaokahaku Willard aka Kala and I am a team rider for G-Force surfboards! I am a native Hawaiian living on the island of Maui, Hawaii. I started surfing when I was four and half years old. I was taught by my friend Imai Devault, ever sense then I have been surfing. I am now surf on the world qualifying series for the WSL and working up the ranks of the WSL series. I’ve been riding for G-Force surf boards for 4 years and going! They are some of the best boards I have ever ridden in my life! Greg is one of the easiest shaper I have ever worked with and is always coming up with new idea to improve my surfing.

David Giddings

David Giddings… Yes, the famous David Giddings know for surfing and braving the big waves of Oahu’s North Shore and likes to crack a few turns a Blakies. Lives in San Clemente with his wife Audra and Haley his daughter and Dylan his son, Joshua his son working for Volcom and Addison his son getting a college degree at University of Colorado. Surfed on the pro tour back in the day, placed top 20 in the US Pro tour back in the day.

Addy Giddings

Addy Giddings… Born and raised in Newport Beach, 27-years-old, favorite waves are big wedgy hollow beach breaks, preferably mainland Mexico, if I’m not surfing I’d rather be fishing whether it’s freshwater ponds/lakes for largemouth bass or streams and rivers fly-fishing for trout, to inshore roosterfish, sierra or snook. Most comfortable wherever the least amount of people and traffic are. Warm tropical water is the best! Most my free time consists of driving and exploring the Baja Peninsula finding perfect waves with just a couple of buddies. I love creating art of various kinds and believe I’m naturally gifted for design and artistic projects. Sponsored by Captain Fin joining with other team riders traveling to Mexico for photo opportunities and other promotional stuff 🙂

Chris McLaughlin

Chris McLaughlin setting it on the rail! Local Newport surfer, all around good guy!

Hayden Norwood

My name is Hadyn Norwood. I am 14 years old and I am from Newport Beach, California. I go to Newport Harbor High School, and I am on the school’s surf team. Currently, my only sponsor is G-Force Surfboards. I have been riding for G-Force surfboards since 2015. Some things I like besides surfing is skating, going to punk rock shows, going to the movies, being with my friends and family, and eating at Taco Bell. I make sure I keep good grades so I can go on Surf Trips. When the waves are small and when I’m not shortboarding I also enjoy longboarding at spots like Blackies and San O. I also enjoy collecting vinyl records. My goals are to surf for a living as a free surfer and do contests on the side. I’ve surfed in 2 contests for the Newport Beach boardriders coalition. I have done many local contests, and I have also done 1 WSA, 1 NSSA in Maui, and multiple Newport Harbor High School Surf Team contests, including the regional finals. I want to keep progressing and working to get better so I can earn more sponsors.

Aaron Clark

My name is Aaron William Clark. I am a surfer from Newport Beach. I go to Newport Harbor High School and I am in 9th grade. I am also on our school surf team. I really enjoy competitive surfing and I have been in many contests. My goal is to be a professional surfer and compete in the World Qualifying Series (WQS) and eventually qualify for the World Championship Tour (WCT.) These are massive goals that I will hopefully achieve in the future. I have been surfing since I was four, but recently I have seen major improvements in my surfing. I ride a G-Force surfboard and they are amazing. Greg customizes each board to my specifications and he is the nicest guy you will ever meet. He makes getting a new surfboard really simple and enjoyable. Greg is also a really good surfer and very knowledgeable about all things surf. This is what makes him such a great shaper. I love surfing and thanks to all the help and support from Greg, I can become one step closer to achieving my dreams.

Newport Wedge

Bobby Okvist

My name is Bobby Okvist. I’ve surfed Newport Beach and the greater Southern California area all my life. During Summers in Newport I really like the challenge of surfing at the Newport Wedge! Also, I enjoy going to local Mexico and scoring surf their with my friends. G-force Surfboards, Vissla Wetsuits and TK’s Frog House are some of my main sponsors. Greg Giddings has been shaping some really nice boards over the years and has really helped keep my boards on the cutting edge. I’m also working in the electrical contracting industry learning the trade and building my knowledge base in the electrical industry.

Chris Craven

My name is Chris Craven. My enthusiasm for surfing began as a young kid. I went on a family vacation to Hawaii and it is their that I first had the opportunity to experience surfing. After the Hawaii vacation I started to regularly surf and create friendships with other surfers. Surfing also eventually lead to surfing in competitions as a youth and I did pretty well in the NSSA. I graduated from CSULB with a Master’s degree in Education & Psychology and am currently utilizing my degree and experience in the industry.